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You’ve worked hard to start and build your business, protect your personal assets from business liabilities.


Non-competes, financing agreements, and purchase/sale agreements are all important to growing your business.

Last Will & Testament

Your will is the cornerstone to an effective estate plan. Make sure you have one in place.


A trust can be a very effective way to manage your assets and avoid unnecessary and expensive probate proceedings.

Houston Business Law Blog

FAA Drone Laws & Regulations

Drones are fun and useful, but are you familiar with drone laws and regulations? From photography and filming, to racing and delivery, drones are becoming more common. Be aware of these important legal tips before you fly.

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Wills & Estates Law Blog

What is Estate Administration?

When someone dies, their estate may need to be administered to pay off debts and distribute remaining assets.

In this article, I give you a brief overview of some of the issues that arise when an estate needs to be administered under Texas law.

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Estate Planning in Texas: The Right Tools for the Right Job

You are well aware that an attorney will be provided for you if you can’t afford one to defend you against criminal prosecution. What you probably don’t know is that an estate plan will also be provided for you if you don’t have one of your own. Learn about the tools you can use to create your own customized estate plan.

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